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Name VidMate App
Latest Version 3.35
Updated On 18th March, 2018
Size 6.79 MB
Total Downloads 500 million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.2+
Developer Vidmate Studio

What is VidMate APK?

VidMate app is very popular app that allows users to download online videos for free. Not just that, users can also download movies and television series using VidMate as well. It allows users to download videos from all the popular video streaming websites like – YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Myspace. In fact, users can also download movies and television series using the VidMate app. Apart from the aforementioned websites, VidMate also allows users to download videos from Facebook, Instagram and a number of other social media websites as well. It is a revolutionary app that has earned quite a name for itself. If you wish to know more about it, you can download the VidMate app online for free.

VidMate APK comes on a number of platforms (typically smartphones and tablets). It comes on a number of platforms and for a wide spectrum of devices. Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS are the popular trinity when it comes to talking smartphones and tablets (for VidMate). For PCs and laptops, VidMate can be made to run using BlueStacks Player (for Windows and Mac). Thus, with such an open-sourced application, it is safe to say that it is a reliable app that is liked by millions and trusted by all. Till date, VidMate app has been downloaded more than 200 million times and the numbers just keep on growing each passing day.

It runs flawlessly and without lags or noticeable issues. It is a light weight app that works perfectly fine on each and every device it is made to run on. VidMate download app goes easy on the processor and on the battery, because of which it never lags or crashes. There is no need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to download videos using it. Also, there is an embedded video player that allows users to stream online videos for free (at great qualities). Thus, users can either stream (for free) or download videos (for free) with the help of VidMate. It is a highly safe and secure to use app that never compromises with user privacy. All your personal data remains intact and untouched with Download VidMate.

vidmate app

Videos can be downloaded (and streamed) in great qualities with this app. Video quality ranges from 360p (standard definition) to 1080p (full high definition). It can either be downloaded or streamed online with ease and without any difficulty. There are no micro-transactions involved here and users can enjoy a free, ad-free experience. VidMate is an absolutely safe and completely free to use app that has proven its worth over time. A lot of people rely on it and use it daily. It does not require any user-personal information or online registration in order to run. You can download millions of videos from all over the web using this great app. It is free from viruses and other harmful agents, the app is bloatware free and it runs flawlessly on each and every device. Download the VidMate app online for free in order to cater with your video downloading/streaming needs.

Why should one use VidMate APP?

VidMate has been around from quite a while. It has managed to earn the trust of millions over time and people love it. You can download videos, movies and television series online using VidMate (for free). Apart from that, you can also download videos from social networking websites using VidMate. It comes a delight especially for those people who love watching meme videos, funny montages and other videos on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. Often do a lot of people ask this question that why should one use VidMate. Well, considering its features and usability, VidMate lands as the best online video downloader of the time.

Unlike other online video downloaders and apps, VidMate is free from ads and viruses. Also, it does not hinder with any of the user-personal information. It has been in use from quite a while and because of that it is highly safe to be relied on. Since it is free from viruses and other malicious contents, it VidMate can be used without any problem. It is one of the finest (and safest) third-party applications for downloading videos, movies and television series online. Thus, if you wish to know more about it, you should download the VidMate app online for free. It is available for free download on Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, and also on Windows and Mac (desktops and laptops).

There are no bloatwares or any other features that will slow down your device or cause it to crash or even lag. It works flawlessly and it even has a very user-friendly interface. It is because of that and some other reasons that it is loved by so many users (especially Android users). VidMate will provide an ad-free experience and you will love to download (and stream) videos online using it. Loaded with tons of features, this app will never bore you and you will have a lot of fun in using it. You can download the APK, IPA and even COD/ALX files for VidMate online for free. It will be downloaded in no time, since it is a tiny and light app. But do not let this small app fool you because you can download so many movies, videos, television series and web series using this app. To know about it, download the app today (for free)!

There may be other apps like VidMate around, but it is solely this single app that steals the show. It was released a few years ago but due to its features and compatibility, it has surpassed other popular apps in the same pool. It is faster, lighter and way snappier than its competitors out there. Plus, it hardly takes any time in getting downloaded. The RAM consumption for this is also very less and hardly does this app ever crash or lag. VidMate is a wonderful app that works flawlessly and people will enjoy every bit of it. Download VidMate app online for free today!

Features of VidMate APP-

When it comes to talking features, VidMate steals the show. It may be a small sized app, but there are hundreds of really cool features that it has. Be it downloading multiple videos at once or even downloading videos from social media, a lot can be done with VidMate. Since this app is available on a number of operating systems, there are so many opportunities for so many people to use and to enjoy VidMate. Those of you who have not tried VidMate yet can download the app online. Download VidMate app online for free.

Some of the popular features of Download VidMate are-

  • Parallel video downloading – Users can download multiple videos at once using this app. Unlike many other apps that do not let you download more than one video at a time, VidMate does not have that restriction. Apart from that, users can download videos in a number of formats (or can stream them online in different formats). The popular video formats include – 1080p Full HD, 720p HD and 480p HQ. It does not matter whether you have a very fast internet connection or not because the downloads keep getting completed (quietly) in the background.
  • Downloading videos from a number of websites – With VidMate, users can download videos form a number of websites like – YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many more. The web has over 100,000 video streaming websites and this app allows you to download videos from each and every single one of them. Users have the privilege of either downloading or streaming videos online (for free). Apart from that, you can also watch live TV using this app. There are so many live services that are on the web that include live sports, live music and live news, and with VidMate, you can stream all the live content on your smartphone or tablet for free.
  • Users can download movies and television shows for free – Yes, downloading movies and television series is very easy with VidMate. You have millions of movies and shows at your disposal using the internet and with VidMate, you can download all of them on your device for free. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, you can download movies from either of the two categories for free with VidMate. Talking of TV shows and series, you can download all the latest and the trending shows with this app for free. Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Narcos and The Big Bang Theory are some of the top downloaded shows on VidMate.

Light and user-friendly design – VidMate has such a light and easy to use interface. There are no bloatwares or any other harmful items here. It does not matter whether you have a blazing fast internet connection or not, because VidMate makes sure that you get the best quality downloading/streaming as per your internet connection. Unlike other video downloaders, VidMate never fails to deliver what it promises. In fact, you can also download apps and games using VidMate (on Android). If you own an Android device then you can use VidMate as an app market as well. Thus, downloading videos, movies, television series and apps can be done very easily with VidMate. Download it online for free today!

VidMate Download for Android-

VidMate and Android have always had a pretty unique and passionate relationship. VidMate was first released on Android and from there it paved way to other platforms. So, it can be said that VidMate is pioneer to Android. Thus, VidMate for Android is a great app that works flamboyantly and without any issue. Users can download movies and shows (along with millions of videos) online using VidMate. The app is free from bugs and viruses and because of that it is liked by many. If you wish to know more about it then download VidMate APK file online for free for here :  (for Android).

Android is known to have a lot of apps at its disposal and VidMate is one of them. You can download the VidMate APK file online for free and once downloaded, it gets installed very easily. There are so many great features of VidMate for Android that make it stand out tall in a pool of applications. Everything about it is unique and it is really fun to use app. Android users will love using this app since there are no viruses here and the app is 100% safe and secure to use. People across each and every platform love VidMate and because of that it has managed to reach 100 million user count (on Android alone). Yes, VidMate APK has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Android alone.

There are a lot of reasons why you should download the VidMate APK-

  • It is free from viruses and other malicious contents. It runs flawlessly and without lags or freezing. In fact, there are so many wonderful features because of which you will never get bored while using VidMate. Download the VidMate APK file online for free today!
  • Downloading millions of free videos, movies and television series is very easy with the help of this app. The interface is light and there are no bloatwares as well. Because of this, it is very easy to search for the desired movie or show.
  • Since this app is under 10 MB in size, it does not take much time in downloading or to install. Once it gets installed, you can download stuff with the help of Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or even 2G internet.
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